Our extensive experience in home staging helps us create spaces that are beautiful, inviting and stylish.  We call this Redesign for Living. We’ll come up with design solutions that work with your style, taste and budget. We’ll make your rooms look so incredible you might think you’re in a different house altogether. Look below to see some of our before and after pictures.

One of our jobs when we redesign a space, whether it’s one room or an entire house, is to create an updated, sophisticated look and feel. We might surprise you by repurposing some of your old furniture and accessories. One of our clients even remarked, “You really know how to recycle.”

What’s our decorating style? It varies from client to client. We are known for starting with a neutral palette and building from there. We’ll add pops of color and texture and incorporate pieces that fit your personality.

If you’re ready to redesign your home for living, call us at (888) 399-0424 or email us at

before & after pics

Clients love to see our before and after pictures, and sometimes it really is hard to believe how dramatic the transformation can be. We love opening up spaces and brightening them with a neutral palate accented with color and texture. So many of our projects don’t involve extensive reconstruction — just new upholstery, paint and accessories.

Beyond just staging, this interiors duo is turning blah into beautiful with a personal touch.

Kristan Sveda

Columnist, Fairfield County Look Magazine